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9 "Good"

المكان كتيير جميل و الاكل زاكي مكان الالعاب مرتب و ممتاز بجنن كتيير عجبني المكان رائع
مطعم رائع و راقي جدااا .. جربتو برمضان من افضل المطاعم البوفيه المفتوح كان منوع و اصناف تحضر مباشرة انشالله الكل يجربو لانو مميز

8 "Average"

مطعم راقي

0 "Not Rated"

arqa mt3am bshufo


Zuwar Restaurant

Zuwar Group is within easy driving distance from Amman's city center, far enough from the noise and exhaust fumes of the city but still close enough to people watch, this is a great option for a spot of outdoor dining or business meeting. This unique and luxurious event space is a refreshing and vibrant addition to Amman's event industry. Zuwar Group delights with exquisite sweeping views of the green fields and oak trees surrounds.

Zuwar Restaurant

مطعم راقي

Luxury Restaurant



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Luxury Restaurant amman

Luxury Restaurant jordan

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Oriental amman

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Oriental المكان

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Oriental خريطة

Oriental مكان

Oriental فعالية

Oriental فعاليات

Oriental اخبار


Free Parking

Healthy Menu

Kids Menu

Not Serving Alcoholic

Non Smoking Area


Outdoor Terrace

Indoor Terrace

Charge Delivery

Loyalty Card

W I/ F I


Live Sport Channel

Special Event (no music)

Celebration Event

Meeting Room

Live Music

Catering Available

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