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Sweet Tailz Pastry

We are the first pastry Shop to serve Beaver Tails in Amman - Jordan If you're looking for a sweet treat,you came to the right place! our signature Sweet Tails pastries & the different toppings are guaranteed to please every taste. Let's not forget our variety of delicious hot drinks. What are Beaver tails? a deliciously fried whole-wheat pastries stretched to the shape of a beaver's tail. served fresh and hot, topped with butter and your choice of toppings.

Sweet Tailz Pastry

حلويات سويت تيلز

كيك وحلويات

Cake & sweet



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حلويات سويت تيلز amman

حلويات سويت تيلز jordan

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Cake & sweet amman

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International amman

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International Cake & sweet

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International اخبار

Free Parking

Indoor Terrace

Take Away Menu

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