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Offering by Sugar Daddy's Bakery

Sugar Daddy's Bakery

Upon entering, our signature pistachio and cream color scheme gives the feeling of stepping into a bowl of vanilla frosting. The aroma of freshly-baked desserts crowding the plush marble counter tops, shabby-chic style furniture, and vintage dessert prints cluttering the walls create for an inviting atmosphere that not only encourage the palate, but make you feel right at home. Our desserts are decorated in that rudimentary fashion that only moms are known for and are thus approachable yet enticing. Even more, our desserts are made with the best ingredients - dark chocolate of the highest quality, local produce – and we bake them fresh every day. It is no surprise that the actual taste of our moist and decadent desserts will make you come back for more. In no time, you'll be an addict, not only to our products but the brand as a whole.

Sugar Daddy's Bakery

شوغر داديز

كيك وحلويات

Cake & sweet



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Sugar Daddy's Bakery كيك وحلويات

Sugar Daddy's Bakery Cake & sweet

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شوغر داديز amman

شوغر داديز jordan

شوغر داديز كيك وحلويات

شوغر داديز Cake & sweet

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شوغر داديز Lebanese

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كيك وحلويات amman

كيك وحلويات jordan

كيك وحلويات Cake & sweet

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Cake & sweet amman

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Lebanese amman

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Lebanese اخبار

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