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9 "Good"

ما جربتو بس شفت المنيو منوعة و سعر مناسب
فخامة و ابداع مطعم ملوكي اكل مميز ابداع في التقديم

0 "Not Rated"

مكان رائع قعده اروع
كثير متميز

0 "Not Rated"

متميزون بالاكل والقعده والخدمه

0 "Not Rated"

اكلاتو زاكيه

0 "Not Rated"

كتير بجنن

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Spice Garden

Spice Garden


مطعم راقي

Luxury Restaurant



Jordanian Lentil Soup

Grilled prawn salad

Grilled Prawn Salad

Cold and Hot Oriental Mezza

Mediterranean Vegetable Salad

Caesar salad

tender chicken breast.

A Tasting of Salmon

Aged Beef Tenderloin


Rib Eye

Angus burger

Angus Burger

Vegetarian Burger

Pan Fried Chicken Breast

Sea Bass

Rack of Lamb

Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Fondant

Apple Crumble

Cheese Board

Mixed Salad

Beef Burger

Chicken Tenders

Grilled Filler of Grouper

Chocolate and Walnut Brownie

Lunch Buffet

Dinner Buffet

Friday Brunch

Spice Garden amman

Spice Garden jordan

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Spice Garden Luxury Restaurant

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Spicegarden المكان

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مطعم راقي amman

مطعم راقي jordan

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Luxury Restaurant amman

Luxury Restaurant jordan

Luxury Restaurant مطعم راقي

Luxury Restaurant عالمي

Luxury Restaurant International

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عالمي amman

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International amman

International jordan

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International Luxury Restaurant

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International معرض صور

International المكان

International الموقع

International خريطة

International مكان

International فعالية

International فعاليات

International اخبار


Free Parking

Healthy Menu

Serving Alcoholic

Non Smoking Area

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W I/ F I

Special Event (no music)

Live Music

Breakfast Served

Catering Available

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