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9 "Good"

روعه و مميز

9 "Good"

ما جربتو بس شفت الصورة قعدة مميزة

10 "Good"

روووعة بكل معنى الكلمة

0 "Not Rated"

مطعم قعدتو راااائعه

0 "Not Rated"

كتييييييييييييييييييير دوشة وازعاج ما حبيتو ابدا واسعاروا كتير غالية بطريقة مش طبيعية

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Shaman Restaurant

Shaman opened its doors on August 3rd 2003 in Abdoun - West Amman, as a Restaurant,Lounge and Bar. Since its opening Shaman has established itself as one of Amman's most important outing attractions and has grown and evolved throughout the years into a destination that offers its customers various outlets with various themes that offer the finest food & beverage from different cuisines all under a comfortable setting and a premium service standard. Separated into 3 outlets; Shaman Lounge, Shaman Sport & Shaman Garden.

Shaman Restaurant






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