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Offering by Ribs Yard

Valet Indoor Terrace Take Away Menu WI/FI

Ribs Yard

Finding the Original BBQ ribs was our challenge, knocking Wild West kitchens’ doors, focusing on getting nothing but the best, serving you the most delicious, saucy and well stoked meals was our objective. Till that one lucky day where we have found the finger lickin meat, as we like to call it, the one who has both the knowledge and the art of serving the best beef chunks you could possibly imagine. That’s when we packed our suitcases back to Jordan, having faith and believing of our achievement of getting the best ribs from the west into our own special yard. Now we ask you for guts and toughness because that’s how things go in the yard..

Ribs Yard

ريبز يارد

وجبات سريعة

Fast Food



Ribs Yard amman

Ribs Yard jordan

Ribs Yard وجبات سريعة

Ribs Yard Fast Food

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ريبز يارد amman

ريبز يارد jordan

ريبز يارد وجبات سريعة

ريبز يارد Fast Food

ريبز يارد عالمي

ريبز يارد International

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وجبات سريعة amman

وجبات سريعة jordan

وجبات سريعة Fast Food

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Fast Food amman

Fast Food jordan

Fast Food وجبات سريعة

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International amman

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International Fast Food

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International صور

International معرض صور

International المكان

International الموقع

International خريطة

International مكان

International فعالية

International فعاليات

International اخبار


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