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Offering by Q Restaurant

Valet Indoor Terrace Take Away Menu

Q Restaurant

Q Restaurant. Now Open at Rainbow Street Description Q Restaurant A UNIQUE Restaurant serving exquisite international food with a deepened sense of the Jordanian cuisine; we are specialised in combining Jordanian food in a Western style cuisine using our Delicious Secret Sauces & Recipes inspired from the Jordanian Desert. Q is Your Elite Jordanian Home located at Rainbow Street. Not like any other restaurant in Jordan, We take care of your Health; using the new air fryers technology, selection of healthy options cooked with “Less Oil”. Our vegetables are all organic Home grown and well treated at our LOCAL FARM in Madaba; Zero additives, just like the way our Grand Parents used to grow. Our Music selection is well mixed, combining the Jordanian Local Musicians and International Legends adding the WARMEST Atmosphere enjoying Old Amman in the Heart of Rainbow Street you and your Beloved will never forget. Spoil your mouth and let your heart feel the taste of our selective range of WINE & other various Bar drinks. Be part of our family, Q Family WELCOMES you,

Q Restaurant






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Indoor Terrace

Take Away Menu

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