Order Food Delivery from restaurant Name Pizza Lover Khalda Address Khalda, Amman - Jordan Cuisines Pizzas, Minimum Order JD 5.00 Delivery Time 45 min Order Type Pickup & Delivery


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10 "Good"

ما جربتو بس المنيو تبعتو منوعة أكيد بحب أجربو عن قريب

10 "Good"

اكلكم زاكي بس عندكم الخدمة كتير بطول

0 "Not Rated"

طعم روعه

0 "Not Rated"

بيتزا ولا اروع

9 "Good"

كتير زاكي

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Pizza Lover

Order Food Delivery from restaurant Name Pizza Lover Khalda Address Khalda, Amman - Jordan Cuisines Pizzas, Minimum Order JD 5.00 Delivery Time 45 min Order Type Pickup & Delivery

Pizza Lover


Pizza House



4 Pizza - Offer

Caesar Salad

Greek Salad

Arabic Salad

Rocca Salad

Tuna Salad

Club Salad

Margarita Pizza

Garden Pizza

Fungi Pizza

Cheese Lovers Pizza

Mediterranean Pizza

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Grilled Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Chicken Pineapple Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

Turkey Delight Pizza

Meaty Pizza

Salami Lover Pizza

Pepperoni Lovers Pizza

Super Nut Pizza

Philly Steak Pizza

Hotdog Pizza

Cheese Burger Pizza

Managers Pizza

Four Corners Pizza

Fiesta Pizza (Real Mexican Pizza)

House Pizza

BBQ Burger Pizza

Philly Steak Pizza Part 2

Chefs Pizza

Tuna Pizza

Calzone Pizza

Calzone Open Pizza

Nutella Pizza With Banana

Plain Nutella Pizza

Philly Steak Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

Hotdog Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich

Chicken Wings (6 Pcs)

Chicken Wings (12 Pcs)

Chicken Wings (24 Pcs)

Ranch Sauce (3 Oz)

Blue Cheese Sauce (3 Oz)

BBQ Sauce (3 Oz)

Hot Sauce (3 Oz)

French Fries

Potato Wedges





Diet Pepsi

Diet 7UP

Water (Small)

Pizza Lover amman

Pizza Lover jordan

Pizza Lover بيتزا

Pizza Lover Pizza House

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Pizza Lover اخبار

بيتزا amman

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بيتزا Pizza House

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Pizza House amman

Pizza House jordan

Pizza House بيتزا

Pizza House ايطالي

Pizza House Italian

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Pizza House recipe

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Pizza House image

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Pizza House events

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Pizza House قائمة الطعام

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Pizza House وجبات

Pizza House غداء

Pizza House تعليقات

Pizza House تصويت

Pizza House أراء

Pizza House صور

Pizza House معرض صور

Pizza House المكان

Pizza House الموقع

Pizza House خريطة

Pizza House مكان

Pizza House فعالية

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Pizza House اخبار

ايطالي amman

ايطالي jordan

ايطالي بيتزا

ايطالي Pizza House

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Italian amman

Italian jordan

Italian بيتزا

Italian Pizza House

Italian ايطالي

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Italian قائمة الطعام

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Italian تصويت

Italian أراء

Italian صور

Italian معرض صور

Italian المكان

Italian الموقع

Italian خريطة

Italian مكان

Italian فعالية

Italian فعاليات

Italian اخبار

Free Parking

Healthy Menu

Kids Menu

Not Serving Alcoholic

Non Smoking Area

Outdoor Terrace

Indoor Terrace

Take Away Menu

Charge Delivery

Loyalty Card

W I/ F I

Special Event (no music)

Breakfast Served

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