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Offering by Kanafandi


Who wants to go to a dull, semi-clean, sometimes smelly place with below average service just to have a piece of half decent knaffeh? The truth is… many people actually do! But only because they’re short on options when a “7alaweh biljiben” craving sets in, or when they have an urge for some “um 3ali”. Kanafandi is the evolved Arabic sweet shop/café. Or knafé if you will. It will be the answer to the question: How come there isn’t a nice place with a cool atmosphere and a variety of grade A Arabic sweets instead of cakes, strudel and what have u? Because let’s face it… Arabic sweets ARE better! Especially Arabic sweets made with top shelf ingredients. Kanafandi will be the place to go for some dessert after a meal, for an informal business meeting with a potential client, or for hanging out with friends while enjoying some mouth watering, genuine Arabic confections, as well as a selection of “everyday desserts” with a deliciously innovative twist. It will be the place to rival any cheesecake factory or French sounding café. What could be better than a nice serving of Omani “saffron 7alaweh” with a cup of extra frothy Moroccan mint tea? Or if one were feeling semi-traditional, maybe a plate of “knaffeh” with some freshly roasted and brewed Turkish coffee, “sada”. All in a warm, modern atmosphere without losing the “eastern touch”.



كيك وحلويات

Cake & sweet



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Kanafandi Cake & sweet

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كنافندي amman

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كنافندي Cake & sweet

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كنافندي Lebanese

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كيك وحلويات amman

كيك وحلويات jordan

كيك وحلويات Cake & sweet

كيك وحلويات لبناني

كيك وحلويات Lebanese

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Cake & sweet amman

Cake & sweet jordan

Cake & sweet كيك وحلويات

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Cake & sweet Lebanese

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Lebanese اخبار

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