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ما جربتو بس شفت المنيو تبعتو شكلو زاكي و سعر مناسب

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مطعم متميز

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a good ka3keh

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بصراحة ما جربتوا بس انشالله قريبا راح اجربوا واعطيكم رأيي في :D


Ka3keh 3l Mashi

“Ka3keh 3l Mashi” is not just a good “Ka3ek, mana2eesh& pizza place” but….a unique food concept which brings it up to the level of internationally acclaimed franchise restaurants In Amman it is difficult to find a perfect man2ousheh, pizza or ka3ek sandwich, But when you visit our restaurant,you will feature unique flavors, variety of toppings, and showmanship cooking. It is a healthy place to have your brunch or dinner without the pain of calories calculation. It is a place where you are the cook; you choose what to put in your sandwich, or man2ousheh. It is a place where you can let your imagination go wild while tasting the different and distinguished variety of man2ousheh topping and ka3keh filling, if you are in the mood for a snack without hearing the voice of your disgracing conscience. “Ka3keh 3l Mashi” is a fast food restaurant that is specialized in serving Original Plain Fresh Baked Ka3ak from the Past, with many stuffing as labneh, Zaatar, cream cheese, etc. Stuffed Ka3ak sandwiches – Made to Order stuffed with: deli meat (Roast Beef, Turkey, etc.) , Labneh, Zaatar, Seniora , Haloumi Cheese (grilled or fresh), Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, etc. or combination. Honey, White Cheese, Nutella, Nutella and banana, Halawa, peanut butter,and so many other surprising fillings. Manakeesh: With all kinds of toppings, both salty and sweet. Pizza: with the ingredients of your choice. Our main goal is to provide Amman with a great tasting, modern twist on their snack favorites in a finely tuned technique. Ka3keh 3al mashi management wants the dining experience to be as pleasing to the senses as it is to the palate by offering tasty, innovative variety of products that is consistent in a pleasing experience with modernized facility

Ka3keh 3l Mashi

كعكه علماشي





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