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In 1935, Subhi Jabri established what to become the renowned catering establishment, "Subhi Jabri & Sons Co." The legend began in AlHashmi Street, located in downtown Amman, Jordan, where he established his first business. Subsequently, due to his dedicated hard work and success, he re-located to King Hussein Street in 1962, where he established the landmark "Jabri Restaurant". He began outside catering to customers at their homes for lunches and events, and also catered on many private and public occasions to His Majesty, the late King Hussein. Subhi Jabri's devotion, commitment to excellence and dynamic personality ensured his success, and the restaurant was acclaimed as the best in Amman, and still remains to this day. Subhi Jabri's eldest son, Mohammed Kheir Jabri, accompanied his father from young age to work side-by-side with him in the restaurant. Together they gradually expanded the business to include outside catering and Mohammed Kheir Jabri became a true artisan, especially in the field of Arabic sweets and European-style patisserie. In 1982, Yousef Jabri, Subhi Jabri's youngest son, graduated from the united Kingdom incatering operations and administration, and subsequently from Germany, in chocolate and confectionery technology. He returned the same year to Amman and developed and established many projects. The largest being "Jabri Al-Markazi" (Arabic for Jabri Center). In 1990, His Majesty, the late King Hussein, awarded Subhi Jabri with the "Medal of Independence" to commemorate and recognition for his contribution in building the economy of Jordan. In 1992, construction for the "Jabri Al-Markasi" project began, in Wasfi Al-Tell street, under the direction of Yousef Jabri. It was built to fulfill the demands of the market and better accommodate customer needs. It encompasses the main production facility and kitchens, banqueting and conferences halls, as well as the main outlet for the sale of traditional Arabic sweets, patisserie, chocolate and fast food self-service restaurant. In particular, is the notable 'Ard-al-Diyar' [courtyard] restaurant; which is well-known for the traditional Arabic food and is decorated in a traditional Syrian-Islamic theme, symbolic of the family's heritage. After his sad demise in 2002, Subhi Jabri, is still remembered and revered as one of the greatest pioneering businessmen of his time. Today, by the grace of god, Subhi Jabri & Sons' Co. has flourished into one of the largest catering establishments of its kind in Jordan, employing over 400 people; with five outlets in Amman alone, including the Jabri Al-Markasi cerntral production and banqueting center. Mohhamed Kheir Jabri is co-proprietor and chief administrator of all technical and quality control aspects of the company while his youngest brother, Yousef Jabri, also co-proprietor, is the chief executive officer and director of the company. Today, the name 'Jabri' has evolved into one of the largest brand names synonymous with quality and artisanship, known in Jordan and the Middle East today.





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