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الاكل زاكي انا جربت ستيك وكان طيب المحل رايق مش عجقة الطلب بياخد وقت بس مو كتير حتى يجهز بس الخدمة عندهم مش كتير جيدة بيطولوا حتى يردوا عليك ويجيوك للطاولة.
حلو القعدة فيه مع العيلة

9 "Good"

روعه و مميز

0 "Not Rated"

الاستيك عندو كتير طيب بنصح انكم تجربو

0 "Not Rated"

مطعم بجنن كتيييييييييييييييييييييير وزاكي والقعدة بتجنن والخدمة مميزة وسريعة جدا بس المشكلة انو اسعاروا عالية شوي بس بستحق التجربة لانو كتير مرتب ومميز

0 "Not Rated"

عندو تشكن برست مالوش دخل بتشكن برست ابدا مش زاكي

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Houston's Restaurant

The Finest food in Amman - Visit us at one of our locations: Shmesani Stay tuned for our promotions & updated menu items. For reservations, 0775544000 Description Houston's Restaurants was established in Jordan more than 15 years ago to serve the Jordanian community with the finest food and best customer experience. Our consistent special menu is one of our best values that has been keeping our customers coming back. The Tex-Mex menu items we offer are the best in Jordan. 15 years later in 2012, we are still serving our customers with our core team of chefs which we take pride of. We are very keen into taken customer's input when introducing new menu items, therefore, we offer simply the best. With the changes of economical and political situations over the 15 years, Houston's NEVER compromised the quality of service and food. Our current locations are Shmeisani & Abdoun, however, the 3rd prime location is coming up very soon, stay tuned ...... Our offerings are: - In-house Dinning - Shmeisani & Abdoun. - In house special events & parties . - In house Business meeting & events. - Party Platters . - Special Event Catering . - Outdoor BBQ Catering, Public & Private. - Rent a Chef Service. - Steaks & Tex-Mex Cooking Classes .

Houston's Restaurant

مطعم هيوستن





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Free Parking

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Live Sport Channel

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