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Offering by Crumz Bakery Cafe

Crumz Bakery Cafe

Crumz Bakery & Café serves all day Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Offers superior quality food, fresh bread, baked goods, and beverages that are made from top quality raw materials. To keep up with the increasing demand for our products, a state of the art central production unit was established in 2007 incorporating artisan production techniques yet utilizing high tech equipment. Today our team consists of 120 highly trained employees managed by a group of professionals in the fields of food industry and management. What differentiate our products is the wide range of bread that is made in the traditional fashion using long fermentation, natural leavens, and sourdoughs. Our pastry that is produced from scratch recipes made from the finest raw materials. Additionally, we produce special dietetic products; gluten free, yeast free and sugar free products. Our Restaurant has an extensible menu that provides a variety of gourmet dishes and desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that is served any time of the day. Our catering services offer a great selection of customized menus to suite any occasion served by our professional team. In addition we cater customized breads, baked products, sandwiches and pastries to the hospitality industry. To serve our customers wherever they are we have five delivery vehicles 3 of which are refrigerated.

Crumz Bakery Cafe



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